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do’s and don’ts for mammography

Going for a mammography scan but not sure what precautions to take? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To ensure a safe and comfortable mammography experience, read these essential do’s and don’ts.

1) DO research your centre thoroughly and ensure they have the latest technology

A 3D digital scanner with Tomosynthesis is an added advantage since it offers maximum image clarity with minimum radiation exposure and pain, otherwise, you may have to repeat your mammogram if the scans aren’t clear.

2) DO eat normally before you come

You can also have the medications you normally do. But, if you are on specific medicines such as hormones, steroids, etc. do inform the doctor/technician beforehand.

3) DO bring along previous reports and your doctor’s note

This will help the radiologists compare previous findings and draw up a conclusive report. If you’ve been recommended to get a scan by your doctor, do bring along the doctor’s note.

4) DO ask for a female technician and a MammoPad

At Star Imaging, we always have only female technicians and staff to put our patients at ease. Plus, the soft MammoPad we offer acts like a cushion, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

5) DO let your technician know about your breast cancer risks

Especially if you’ve noticed recent changes in your breasts or have a family history of breast cancer.

6) DO take an over-the-counter pill (if you experience severe pain) after consulting with your doctor

If you experience severe pain during mammograms, pop an ibuprofen pill at least an hour before your scan – but remember, always consult with your doctor before taking any medication. At Star Imaging, we make sure our technicians are extremely gentle throughout the scan, minimizing the need for pain medications. Plus, our advanced 3D digital mammography takes faster scans, reducing the scan time.

And here are the don’ts – read this list twice if necessary!

1) DON’T spray/apply deodorants, perfume or antiperspirants

These sometimes appear as white spots on the image and may be mistaken for something else, causing unnecessary anxiety and a repeat of the scan.

2) DON’T go right before or during your period

Your breasts may be tender during this time, which may cause discomfort. The best time to schedule your mammogram would be the week after your period.

3) DON’T go on a caffeine/soft drink binge before your mammogram

Coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks have been observed to increase breast tenderness. Avoid these (if possible!) during the week leading up to your scan.

4) DON’T wear a one-piece dress

You may find it easier to wear a shirt that can be easily removed.

5) DON’T forget to collect your report

Filing your reports systematically will also help you in the future, while getting your next scan done.

We hope you’re feeling less anxious about your mammogram now – if you have any more questions, do feel free to reach out to us at 020 4122 2222 / 020 4132 2222.

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We hope you’re feeling less anxious about your mammogram now – if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us.
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