What does the world’s latest and fastest MRI feel like? Find out at Star Imaging, Wakad.

MRI and CT Scan

The words ‘MRI scan’ often conjure up images of tight spaces, loud droning noises, and claustrophobia. However, at Star Imaging, patients have a completely opposite experience – one of comfort, minimal noise, and best of all, no claustrophobia. In fact, patients get to watch videos or movies while undergoing an MRI scan, often forgetting where they are. This is the magic of our 3 Tesla MRI with ambient experience – a cutting-edge MRI machine, used in the best hospitals across the globe. And now, our newly-launched Wakad centre has taken quality healthcare a step further, with the world’s most advanced 3T MRI scanner, the Philips INGENIA ELITION X, a machine whose performance outclasses others in the industry. Read on to know why.

Setting a precedent of ‘Firsts’

In 2011, prompted by the urgent need to bring together superior technology, healthcare expertise and enhanced patient safety and comfort, Dr. Ashish Atre, Dr. Anupama Patil, Dr. Aparna Atre and Dr. Darshan Shah established the first Star Imaging Diagnostic and Research Centre at Joshi Hospital, Pune. Since then, Star Imaging has had many firsts to its name: For example, we were the first to get the highly advanced 3T MRI wide bore scanner, which was the first ‘quasar dual’ machine in the country. We’re also the first and only centre in the country today to offer a Full-Field Digital Mammography unit with Tomosynthesis, as well as fMRI, LesionQuant, Nerve View and NeuroQuant machines.

And today, we’re proud to be the first to bring the world’s most advanced MRI technology to Pune.

What’s different about Star Imaging, Wakad?

Our centres already have cutting-edge scanners and technology, along with organ-specific radiologists who excel in interpreting scans. However, for our new Wakad centre, we decided to acquire the most sophisticated MRI machine available, in spite of already having state-of-the-art technology. Following Wakad, our other centres will also be upgraded soon to this MRI technology.

So how does our new MRI machine benefit patients?

Most importantly, the INGENIA ELITION X reduces the MRI scan duration by 50%, – which means lesser time spent in the tunnel! Plus, the INGENIA ELITION X has the strongest gradient performance in the industry, producing superior definition images with maximum clarity, helping doctors arrive at an accurate diagnosis. With this machine, doctors have a better chance of detecting cancer early, since the scanner comes fitted with multiple new applications like Amide Proton Transfer Imaging, etc. Like our other 3T MRI scanners, the INGENIA ELITION X also enables patients to watch movies during the scan, while creating an illusion of more space and light to minimize claustrophobia.

About Star Imaging

In addition to the latest 3T MRI scanner, the Wakad centre also offers multi-slice CT scanners, 3D Digital Mammography machines, Guided Biopsy systems, Hi-Resolution Ultrasound and Doppler units with Computerised Radiology services, superior Digital X-ray facilities, and more. For an appointment at Wakad, call (020) 29860122 / +91 85306 78844
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